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6 super simple kids bedroom ideas

Resene Little Love Wallpaper Collection 38122-1.

Transform your children’s rooms with these delightful DIY projects and inspired decoration ideas. Get the kids involved where you can and, if they’re old enough, let them lead the way when it comes to choosing colours and designs – this way, their bedroom will become their sanctuary and a safe, soothing space where they’re happy to rest and relax. These projects also provide practical solutions that will help keep things as neat and orderly as humanly possible! 

Wallpaper wonder

Decorate your child’s bedroom with one of the adorable patterns from the Resene Little Love Wallpaper Collection. This collection includes many classic designs, from simple and elegant stripes that are perfect for a clean, minimalistic look, through to playful forest animals and rainbow-hued watercolour dots and super cute creatures. Using Resene wallpaper is a simple way to transform a room and thanks to modern paste-the-wall wallpapers, it’s easier than ever to do it yourself. For wallpapering tips, check out this article.

Resene Little Love Wallpaper Collection 38125-2.
Resene Little Love Wallpaper Collection 38120-3.
Resene Little Love Wallpaper Collection 38130-1.

On the shelf

Building these sturdy and stylish timber shelves is an easy weekend project and will help your children personalise and organise their space. They can use the shelves to display their favourite books and toys, and the coat rack is ideal for hanging school bags and jackets. Having shelves and hooks at a lower height will help your kids find their things easily and encourage them to put them away themselves each day. These ones are stained in Resene Colorwood Rock Salt with dowels painted in Resene Half Merino, but you can decorate yours any way you want. Your kids can choose from a rainbow of colours in the Resene Multi-finish and Resene Colorwood ranges – get creative!

Click here for step-by-step instructions to make your own.

Creation station

This practical timber table is the perfect place for kids to finetune their skills, get a feel for tools and experiment with arts and crafts. It’s sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of messy play and is sealed with Resene Aquaclear waterborne urethane varnish, which makes the table easier to clean. It can be used inside for drawing or moved outside for messier activities when required. 

Click here to follow builder Chris Donnelly’s tutorial.

Builder Sean Brown made these stylish shelves for his kids to help them keep their favourite things organised. Shelves stained in Resene Colorwood Rock Salt with dowels painted in Resene Half Merino.
Chris Donnelly shows you how to build table so your kids have a dedicated space for drawing, painting, woodwork and more! Table finished with Resene Aquaclear.

Good as gold

A striped feature wall is always a bold choice – why not make an even bigger impact by using Resene metallic paint? Gold and white is a classic combo that gives a room a sense of luxury and energy, as well as a contemporary feel if the stripes run diagonally. 

Stripes are a very achievable pattern, even for novice painters. Use painter’s tape to mark out your design first. Make sure you use the right basecoat colour for the metallic to get the best effect. Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen has a tough, easy-to-clean formulation and is a good choice for bedroom walls. 

Rack in business

When your child has outgrown their small chest of drawers, repurpose them into a cute coat rack. Take the front off your drawer and remove any old stickers and give it a thorough clean. Brighten it up with your child’s favourite Resene colours – you could paint the knobs to match the backing board or paint them all different colours. Or use different shaped handles or knobs for an even quirkier look.

Wall painted in Resene Black White and Resene Gold Dust, floor in Resene Black White and stool in Resene Pot Pourri.
Coat rack painted in Resene Tacao with knobs in Resene Fountain Blue, wall in Resene Cavern Pink, plant pot in Resene Piha Sand and chair in Resene Fountain Blue.
Wall painted in Resene Half Spanish White, mural in Resene Soulful, Resene Tulip Tree, Resene Whizz Bang, Resene Love Me Do, Resene Green Pea, Resene Kandinsky, Resene Envy and Resene Green Meets Blue, floor in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash, pendant lamp in Resene Sunglo, mirror in Resene Just Dance, side table in Resene Sauvignon and headboard in Resene Redwood.

Mural magic

Channel your inner artist and paint a mural to create a fantastical feature wall. While you can customise your design to suit your child’s interests (and your own skill level), this storybook theme is modern, fun and full of texture. Use Resene testpot paintbrushes or artist brushes, which can be found at your local Resene ColorShop. The intricate nature of the leaves, stems and the mushroom in the mural picture above require a delicate hand, so take your time – it’ll be well worth it. If you’re not feeling confident painting straight onto your wall with no guidelines, lightly draw your shapes in white chalk beforehand. If you make a mistake with the chalk, you can simply wipe it off and try again.

For more ideas for children’s rooms, see the habitat plus – kids’ spaces book. Resene ColorShops also have a fun range of FX products perfect for kids’ rooms, from magnetic and blackboard paint to glow-in-the-dark paint.  Your local Resene ColorShop team can help you choose the best FX product to make the most of your children’s sleep and play spaces.

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