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Fix and paint a wooden doorstep

It could be argued that wooden doorsteps are the unsung heroes of our homes – we trample over them, drag heavy items across them and, let’s be honest, rarely give them a second thought.

So it’s probably not surprising that after years of wear and tear, wooden steps often start to come apart at the seams, with the grain cracking and opening up.

But broken and cracked doorsteps aren’t just unsightly – they are also potential hazards that could cause people to trip and fall. For this very reason, it’s always best to err on the side of safety and repair any cracks as soon as they appear. In this Weekend DIY Fix video, Nelson builder Chris Donnelly  (Ngāti Maniapoto) shows how to fix a broken step and paint it so it looks good as new.

The first step is prep

Chris suggests that the best place to start is by removing all any old paint by sanding and scraping, either by hand or via an electric sander. Don’t forget to keep a sample of the paint so a Resene colour expert can exactly match it in-store. Now is also a good time to drill out any dry rot or any other matter left in the timber.

Once this is done, head down to your nearest Resene ColorShop to talk to the experts about how best to tackle the repair job. While you’re there, pick up a Resene Repair Care Kit which contains three products aimed at repairing decayed and rotten wood, including stairs, windows, doors and furniture. Experts agree that the combination of these three products are better than other forms of filler as they bind the wood together and work into the timber fibres.

Chris advises to mix the two liquid products in the Resene Repair Care Kit together in a plastic container, before applying the mixture to the step. Make sure you get a good coverage of the entire area, taking special care to cover splits in the wood and fill any open grain.

Once the product has seeped down into the cracks, it’s time to follow that up with the third product, Repair Care Dry Flex. Chris suggests putting this product though a standard caulking gun for ease of application.

Remove old paint from the doorstep.
Fill any gaps or splits in the wood.
Sand until smooth and wipe away sanding dust.

Prime and paint

Once the products are set, you have up to seven days to paint the step. Start giving the step a good sand, then apply Resene Quick Dry primer to the entire surface and wait for it to dry.

Saving the best until last, it’s then time to apply a top coat of the paint you had colour-matched – Chris used Resene Walk-on flooring and paving paint in Resene Trojan. Once that’s dry, your step should look as good as new and last for a good few years to come!

Prime the entire doorstep before applying your topcoat. Chris is using Resene Quick Dry.
The final step – paint the doorstep with Resene Walk-On in your chosen Resene Colour. Chris is using Resene Trojan.

From cracked and peeling to good as new! Chris used Resene Walk-on in the colour Resene Trojan to refresh this worn-out wooden step.

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