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Painting and decorating jobs to tackle over winter

Add some unexpected colour with a freshly painted ceiling. This kitchen features a ceiling in Resene Armadillo and walls in Resene Quarter Rice Cake.

Cold and dreary winter weather means more time is spent indoors – the perfect excuse to spruce up your interior spaces with these quick and easy painting and decorating projects.

Painting on the ceiling

When thinking about adding an unexpected feature to a room, don’t forget the ceiling! A vibrant tone such as Resene Sakura helps make a room feel expansive, while a dark deep hue like Resene Baltic Sea creates a cosy and inviting vibe. If you like to be able to wipe fly marks and dust off your ceiling, make sure you use Resene SpaceCote Flat washable wall and ceiling paint for an easy-to-clean finish.

Feature walls

Beat the winter blues and brighten up your space by painting a feature wall. It’s a great way to add colour without committing to painting your entire room. Dark or bold Resene colours create a dramatic effect, while light tones can make a space feel more open. For most walls all you need is a quick clean and then you can start painting – no priming needed.  Apply two topcoats of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen and sit back and enjoy your new look room.

Wallpaper wonders

Wallpapering is a simple winter project you can finish in a weekend. The key is to choose a pattern that complements the room’s existing decor and colour scheme – a quick trip to your local Resene ColorShop will help with design inspiration. Prepare the wall properly before wallpapering and follow the wallpaper instructions carefully. Add artwork or shelving that complements your new wallpaper to create a cohesive look.

Resene Wallpaper Collection DGN102257280.
Cabinet in Resene Avant Garde. Walls in Resene Alabaster, Resene Sea Fog and Resene Double Sea Fog. Panelling in Resene Eighth Canterbury Clay.

Storage solutions

When it comes to organising your home or workspace, storage is essential for keeping things tidy and accessible. Shelves, cabinets, or baskets help maximise vertical space, while drawer organisers keep smaller items sorted. Consider adding hooks or pegboards – or repainting existing ones with Resene Lustacryl for a fresh new look. Use storage ottomans or under-bed boxes to hide items you don’t use frequently.

Bookcase pizzazz

Painting the back panel of a bookshelf is a simple yet effective way to add a pop of colour to an area that is often overlooked. By painting the backs of the bookcases in a contrasting hue to the rest of the room, you can create a focal point that draws the eye in. Other ideas that can be done in a few hours are stencilling or wallpapering to add texture to the shelves – it’s a handy way to use up your Resene wallpaper off-cuts so nothing goes to waste.  

Spruce up the mantelpiece

Cleaning and painting a mantelpiece is an easy way to update the look of a room and breathe new life into an old fireplace. Before painting, clean the surface using Resene Interior Paintwork Cleaner, and remove any flaking or loose paint by giving it a quick sand. Use a high-quality paint like Resene Lustacryl, the semi-gloss finish will add extra interest to your room.

Chalk it up

There’s no better place than the inside of your pantry to add a lick of chalkboard paint. Not only is it a creative and practical way to add some personality and functionality to your storage space, but the low sheen finish means it’s perfect for writing lists, labelling and organising many pantry items. It’s important to clean and prepare the surface properly before painting with Resene FX Chalkboard Paint. You can get it tinted to a Resene colour that will work in with your kitchen’s existing colour palette or use Resene FX Blackboard Paint for a black chalkboard.

Best seat in the house

Got an old wooden chair lying around that’s seen better days? Fresh it with high-gloss Resene Enamacryl paint as a fail-proof way to give new life to an old piece of furniture. Choosing a bright or bold colour will make the chair stand out as a statement piece that can be used as a plant stand, side table or extra seating when guests arrive. If you have more than one chair, mix and match tones for an eclectic look to brighten even the dullest of winter days. 

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