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Clint Roberts transforms his guest bathroom using wallpaper

While radio announcer Clint Roberts is well known for his voice, this time it’s his hands that he’s putting to work as he tackles a home renovation. And to kick the transformation off, he’s using Resene wallpaper to update his guest bathroom. 

The top-rated ZM afternoon host lives with wife Lucy and their two young daughters, Maggie and Tui, in an architecturally-designed 1970s pole house in Auckland’s Titirangi. 

“It’s spread over three levels with crazy angles and big round windows,” sys Clint. “It overlooks Manukau Harbour and is surrounded by native trees and birds. The bones of the house are perfect, but the interior could do with a refresh.”

There were three things that motivated the couple to make the move west: location, space and style. “We previously renovated a smaller art deco house to exactly how we wanted it to be, but that was before we had kids!” says Clint. “We very quickly ran out of space and needed some room to spread out. Moving to Titirangi meant we were closer to family, and we were able to afford a larger home than if we had moved closer to the city.”

While the kids are having a great time tearing around their new, bigger house, the adults are keen to get cracking on a transformation and have partnered with MasterStroke by Resene to do so. “We want to update our house room by room. We’re not in a position to undertake a major reno all at once, so our plan is to use paint and wallpaper to transform how our spaces feel.”

Radio host Clint Roberts is renovating his 1970s pole house, where he lives with wife Lucy and young daughters Maggie and Tui.

Starting small

They’re easing their way into it and kicking things off with the guest bathroom. “We’ve started with this room because it’s easy – it’s small, the tiles don’t need changing and we can just wallpaper above the tile line to achieve quite a dramatic change,” Clint explains. “We think wallpaper is a fun, impactful and under-utilised product. To us it makes a space like our guest bathroom feel very intentional and finished.” 

Making the decision to use wallpaper was easy, but agreeing on the exact design was slightly trickier. “It became obvious that we had different visions for the space but, as I do, I deferred to the superior style vision of my wife – and I’m glad I did!” Clint laughs. The couple eventually settled on Resene Golden Age Wallpaper Collection 101077036.

Clint got the all-important prep work underway. “Once I had sanded back the gloss off the dated yellowish paint on the walls and ceiling, plus freshened the ceiling and doors with Resene Quarter Rice Cake, getting the wallpaper up was very straightforward.”

Applying size is another key step in the process. It adds a barrier between your wall and wallpaper base and helps the wallpaper stick better.

Resene Wallpaper Expert Ingel Janssen stepped in to give Clint a quick wallpapering lesson and shared his best tips for measuring and hanging the wallpaper.
From start to finish, Clint found the help from Resene invaluable and was incredibly grateful he had experts like Ingel to call on for information, products, tools and advice.

A helping hand

Clint called on the skill and expertise of Resene Wallpaper Expert Ingel Janssen, who showed him the ropes and was on hand to make sure it all went smoothly. Together they measured the paper on the wall, before Clint applied the paste with a brush and roller. Ingel then gave Clint a tutorial, showing him how to apply the wallpaper, trim it and roll out any bubbles. He even demonstrated how to quickly and easily repair an accidental nick. 

Throughout the whole project, Clint found the help from the Resene ColorShop team invaluable. “From start to finish I’ve had experts to call on for information, products, tools and help,” he says. “I love that I can walk into my local Resene ColorShop with an idea and walk out with everything I need to bring it to life. It’s a quality product that I trust. 

“I’m about to start my next painting project and I reckon the New Lynn team already knows me by name!” he adds. “Every time I leave with the products or knowledge I’m after, they say ‘Have fun!’ It’s a great reminder of what these projects should be. Yes I’m learning as I go, but I’m enjoying myself at the same time.”

The vertical stripes of Resene Wallpaper Collection 101077036 create instant style and polish to the guest bathroom, while the green complements the lush greenery of the home’s native bush setting.

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